Grooming shears with a satin matte finish.
Easy to grip on thick hair, facilitates precise cutting, small sections.
Composed of a razor sharp blade and a micro-serrated blade.
Well-balanced between handle and blades.


-Alloy: Japanese V-1 stainless steel.

-Micro-serrated blade: For straight or scissor-over-comb cuts.

-Convex blades: Achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, prevent intermediate rubbing and jamming. 

-Hardness: 57Hrc +/-1 is a harder, more resistant steel.

-Type of pivot: Adjustable, allows us to adjust the screw according to the smoothness we want.

-Finger rest: Removable, manually adjustable screw.

-Handle: symmetrical.

-Curved blades.

Shipping Weight 0.5000kg