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The good hygiene of our pets plays a fundamental role in their health, helping to prevent different diseases and infections that our furry friends are exposed to every day. For this reason, at Artero we have developed this shampoo that is highly recommended for use after stripping or aggressive brushing with the skin.

Contains natural ingredients. 
The result is clean hair, with body and volume.
Scent of tea, herbs and mild lemon
Suitable for all breeds of dogs

How to use
When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:
→ Detangle the hair before bathing to allow the water and shampoo to enter better
→ Wet the area to be washed well
→ Apply the shampoo and massage until foaming
→ Clarify
→ Carry out a second lathering, leaving the product to act for three minutes
→ Rinse again with plenty of water
Do you want a better result?

Lather twice with this shampoo, with its corresponding rinses and remember to let the second application act between 3-5 minutes before rinsing, the longer the shampoo remains on the animal, the greater the effect will be.

We recommend strengthening its effects with the Artero Spa Vital conditioner.

Recommendations from our specialists

Artero Bye Bye Shampoo composition allows it to be used without diluting, facilitating bathing and preventing hair from becoming dry or brittle. Tea and lemon fragrance, pleasant to the hands in consistency. In addition, the Artero Bye Bye Shampoo has a natural vitamin complex based on Melaleuca Alternifolia, which deeply nourishes and cleans the hair.

What ingredients does it contain?

Tea tree

Propylene Glycol: Provides immediate extreme hydration that deeply nourishes the hair and conditions the coat.

Vitamin Complex: nourishes the hair in depth.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
Keep out of reach of your pet
Do not eat
Do not swirl to avoid creating tangles when applying it
100% Vegan

Our Artero Cosmetics does not contain mink oil

Not tested on animals

Shipping Weight 0.2000kg

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