Cleaning in pets is of the utmost importance, especially in felines, despite the fact that they constantly lick their fur, a quick but deeper cleaning is essential. For this reason, Artero has designed the disposable cat cleaning gloves which incorporate various features for professional use:

- Artero's cleaning gloves for cats have been bathed in a powerful cleansingl mixture. This liquid is not harmful or causes allergies on the skin of felines or their caregivers.
-Deep cleaning. The Artero cleaning gloves 4CATS are disposable deep cleaning gloves capable of offering a complete cleaning on the feline's coat, removing stains and removing dirt. The cleaning substance contained in these gloves makes it possible to eliminate even bad odors that can be impregnated in cats' hair.
-Perfect amount. Artero knows that the cleaning of felines is essential to be able to maintain stable health, so he has packed these gloves in a package containing 20 units, so that you always have one available.
-Universal size. Each caregiver is different, but everyone has the same need, to keep their feline clean, so these cleaning gloves for cats have been designed in a universal size. Ideal to be used by hands of all sizes.

How to use the cleaning gloves for cats
The use of these Artero cleaning gloves, is easy and practical, completely focused on maintaining the cleanliness of feline hair.
-Use after brushing the hair or cat
-Open the lid of the container of 20 units of gloves and remove only one piece.
-Insert your hand and rub circularly on the cat's coat, until you remove bad odors and dirt that may occur.
-Keep the container closed after removing the glove to be used, making sure that the tightness is complete to prevent the gloves from drying out

Artero's cleaning gloves for cats, have been made with top quality materials, to guarantee their usability and efficiency both in the formula of its hygienic solution and in the glove itself.

-Thel cleaning substance consists of: Water, propylene glycol, aloe vera extract, allantoin, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, diazolidinyl urea, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, propylparaben, cocamidodropyl betaine, DMDM hydantación, iodopropinyl butilcarbano, sodium hydr
-The glove is made of high quality cellulose.


Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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