SPA professional shower control for pets. It can be fastened as a shower handle or as a curry brush. 
Side button to open or close the water outlet. 
Universal thread. 
Side button on/off. 

How to use 
This model of shower head has 2 positions with different actions: 
1.- Bell shape to accelerate rinsing: with the stretched crown the water is focused and is ideal for faster rinses and avoid splashes. 
2- Mitten shape: folded crown exposing the rubber spikes. These rubber spikes in contact with the pet's skin massage at the same time as the coat is wet. This action also drags the hair of the molt. 
When you stop using it is advisable to close the passage of water to part of the head in the same tap. Important 

Button to pass or close the flow of the head: in cases of high pressure in the water system, this button should not be used since the mechanism does not withstand excessive pressure. 



Brand Artero
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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