Metal comb with anti-rust green galvanized coating that allows the teeth to slip into the hair.
91 evenly spaced teeth with a tapered tip, ideal for grooming small and medium-sized breeds.
Adds volume and separates hairs for grooming.
Not recommended for removing tangles or matted hair

FEATURES: Conical teeth. Chrome. Galvanised metal.
USE: For lifting, teasing, straightening and tidying the coat during cutting.

HOW TO USE: Hold the comb by the handle and place the teeth on the fur at an angle of about 45º to the skin, insert it into the fur and move it outwards to stretch the fur.

COAT TYPE: Medium and long, fine or medium density.

FOR: Cats and dogs.

SIZE: 9'' x 1.3'' Teeth: 35 mm


Regular comb with tapered teeth for easy grooming.
The teeth are evenly spaced, so you can use either side to achieve an even result.
Specific conical teeth to open up the hair, stretch it and give it volume.
Galvanised coating to prevent rust and help teeth glide over the hair.
Recyclable cardboard packaging.
Specially designed to open up the fur, stretch it and give it volume. Ideal for working on sensitive areas around the face and paws.
Do not use to remove tangles.


Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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