Artero presents the new range of bamboo tools with cardboard packaging, helping to protect the environment.
The new Nature Collection of tools is produced using light and highly resistant material that is renewable, natural, ecological and sustainable. There is no deforestation involved in the collection and manufacture process.
The packaging is made of cardboard with a production that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to other materials. 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Artero is always striving for excellence and has released a new design in the slickers, now called Juliet, this slicker features a longer more ergonomic handle and stronger bamboo, as well as new improved packaging.

Artero Juliet - Long Protected Pin Slicker
This family of Slickers includes a protective tip on each pin to prevent scratching the skin on sensitive dogs and cats.

4 brush head sizes with the same ergonomic bamboo handle.
Air Cushion system with a great adaptation of the brush tips to the surface, achieving a greater coverage and a softer brush without irritating the skin.
Long 20mm pin length

Large. 12 x 8cm
Medium 11 x 6cm
Small. 9 x 5cm
Small 6.5 x 5cm

Brand Artero

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