Artero One Dark professional grooming scissors.
Very light all-purpose scissor, with hypoallergenic PVD coating, ideal for day to day use.
The Artero One Dark scissors are very versatile and ergonomic due to the design of its handle.
Wide blade made of Japanese steel, it facilitates grooming on all coat types.
Excellent value for money, ideal for beginners and advanced users.

- Concave blades achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate jams.
-Fixed finger rests, allows us to rest our finger and have a better mastery of the scissors.
-Tension Screw: Adjustable, it allows us to adjust the screw according to the smoothness we want.
-440c steel is high-end stainless steel, great hardness, good edge retention and high resistance to wear and corrosion.
-Hardness: 57 hrc +/-1 is found in premium scissors, it is a steel of greater hardness, resistant, they have an ultra-sharp edge.

-Recommended for: Beginners and experienced


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