Artero presents the new range of bamboo tools with cardboard packaging, helping to protect the environment.
The new Nature Collection of tools is produced using light and highly resistant material that is renewable, natural, ecological and sustainable. There is no deforestation involved in the collection and manufacture process.
The packaging is made of cardboard with a production that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to other materials. 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Conical Tooth Metal Combs
Fully metal combs that prevent oxidation and glide smoothly through the hair avoiding friction and frizz or unnecessary hair breakage. The conical pin is used to penetrate to the root and open the coat providing greater volume. It is ideal for styling during cutting, exhibiting or in competitions. This pin is not strong and should not be used to remove tangles. One side is wider than the other, depending the desired use.

The Double Width Comb measure 19cm x 3cm (pin)

Very lightweight, ideal for small and medium breeds. For fine and medium density coats, also for trimming faces and expressions. 

FEATURES: Conical teeth. Aluminium spine

USE: For lifting, teasing, straightening and tidying the coat during cutting.

COAT TYPE: Short, medium and long, medium density or fine coat.

FOR: Cats and dogs


All-metal combs with chrome-plated teeth that prevent rust, but more importantly they provide a better slide during use to avoid friction and unnecessary frizz or breakage of hair.
The conical tooth is ideal for penetrating to the root and opening the coat in a homogeneous way providing greater volume, this makes it ideal for styling during cutting, shows or competitions. This comb is not designed to be used to remove tangles. It has a wider and a narrower part as needed.

Barcode # 8435037183556
Brand Artero
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg