The Zumba pet cleaning towel is made of microfiber, and due to its size it is ideal for drying dogs or cats of any size. It is light and easily absorbs moisture.

Features of the Zumba A510 pet cleaning towel
A microfiber towel is a great help to obtain a faster and more hygienic drying of dogs and cats. In addition, this model has the following characteristics:

-The Zumba microfiber towel is large and has measures of 100 x 50 cm, which allow dogs or cats of any size to dry.
-Its rectangular format 2:1 is the easiest to use, as well as to fold and store.
-It has a pair of pockets that help fix the hands, to achieve a more comfortable handling. This allows you to maneuver with the towel around the dog's body with greater ease and control of the pet.
-Its material is very absorbent, so it makes it possible to remove a large amount of moisture in a very short time.
-It is a turquoise color, combined with anthracite topped finishes and a white logo embroidered on the pockets. These shades are soft, and at the same time they help to easily distinguish it from other similar products.
-It is very easy to clean and can be machine washed. In addition, it dries very quickly.
-This material is light and comfortable, so it can be carried in any backpack or bag of products for canine hygiene without any extra effort. And it can be stored with total comfort, since it takes up very little space.
-It saves a lot of time thanks to its high level of absorption.
-This Zumba pet drying towel comes in a zip-zip bag.

How to use the cleaning towel for pets
This pet towel allows dogs and cats to dry in a very short time. To do this, it is only necessary to follow these simple steps:

-Insert each of the hands into one of the side pockets of the towel.
- Gently rub the wet or wet fur of the dog or cat with the smooth side of the cloth, until it absorbs as much moisture as possible.
-Next, it is recommended to let the towel dry in an outdoor space.
-After one or two uses, and especially if it has a bad smell, the towel should be washed. Always with cold water, regardless of whether it is done in the washing machine or by hand.

Composition of cleaning towel for pets
This microfiber towel is made of a light and resistant fabric, which provides great strength and quality.

-80% Polyester. A fundamental material to create a durable microfiber fabric that does not retain moisture.
-20% Polyamide. Thanks to this combination, this cleaning towel for pets is ideal so that dogs and cats do not retain moisture and maintain healthy skin.

Barcode # 8435037806479
Brand Artero
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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