Artero Dips is designed to maintain the hygiene of horses, helping in the prevention of problems related to the functioning of tear channels. The use of Artero cleaning thimbles for horses minimizes visual blemishes and keeps the eyes clean easily and efficiently. It is ideal for horses of all breeds and ages.


In many cases, horses are somewhat uncomfortable precisely because they need to see properly. And that is why the cleaning of the eyes is indispensable so that the horse can correctly distinguish the colors, since its vision in this sense is limited. In this way, accumulated scabs, secretions are eliminated and the tears and eyelids are cleaned without causing any damage. It should be noted that these animals are not immune to ocular bacteria, so cleaning horses in this regard is essential.

That's why this product is characterized by the following:

-Includes 50 units of single-use Artero Dips.
-Take care of and clean the eye area.
-It has no aroma, so it is not annoying when applied.
-Prevents the appearance of scabs and stains, as well as tearing.
-Reduces irritation significantly and in a short time.
-It is designed with soft materials and safe components, which do not alter the natural pH.

How to use
Artero Dips is a product that is practical and efficient to use. You just have to keep in mind the following:

-It is important to wash your hands before handling the thimbles.
-Use a thimble and place it on your index finger.
-Pass through the horse's eyelids and tears gently.
-This procedure will be carried out for a few seconds, until the secretions, stains and other dirt are removed.
-It is necessary to keep the product tightly closed, so that it does not lose its effectiveness.

-It must be remembered that the eyes of the equine must be cleaned daily. You don't have to wait for them to swell, dilate the pupil, tear or any other symptom of possible disease. When it is used to supplement a treatment, it is applied two or more times a day, and especially at night.

Advice and warnings.

Cleaning thimbles for horses help the animal to open and close its eyes properly. They also help prevent eye infections of bacterial origin, which often involve the presence of flies around their eyes. However, it is essential to take into account the following:

-Administer only near the eyes
-Before application, the equine must be attached to prevent it from moving abruptly.
-Avoid sudden movements when cleaning that may make the animal uncomfortable, especially when it is elderly.
-The use of Artero cleaning thimbles for horses is important to maintain proper equine health. Making use of them as a complement to your daily care will largely prevent the appearance of serious eye pathologies.

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