CHARACTERISTICS: Outer ring bristles 2.5 cm, inner ring bristles 1.9 cm, nylon.
USE: The outer ring eliminates dust, and the inner ring cleans in depth. Re- moves molted hair, stains and mud.
COAT TYPE: Short and long hair.

This Artero mixed bristle horse brush is very versatile. With it, the horse will receive a deep brushing, which will allow its coat to be clean and healthy. Complete care is necessary both for the appearance and for the health of the horse, and Artero's S3 Nature Collection brush is ideal for achieving this.


This is a very unique brush, thanks to its two types of bristles: inner and outer. We review them below:

-The outer bristles are 2.5 cm and hard. With them it can be cleaned in depth, even down to the horse's skin. This hard bristle brush for horses cleanses very effectively.
-The 1.9 cm inner bristles also have a rigid texture, but thanks to their small dimensions they drag away surface residues.
-The upper body of the brush is made of bamboo, ideal for those who care about the use of sustainable materials. But most importantly, it allows a firmer and more secure grip on the brush.
Mode of use.

The Artero horse brush S3 must be used as indicated:

-Adjust the brush in the hand, in such a way that the strap surrounds it and the palm is on the bamboo base. The movements made will have greater precision, without the possibility of damaging the horse's skin.
-Slide the brush over the coat in the direction of its growth. It is important not to do it in the opposite way, as it would harm the quality of the hair or it could give sudden jerks that cause pain to the animal.
-With this type of brush with hard bristles, circular and vertical movements should not be made. Horizontal sliders only.
-Hand movements must be subtle, but without losing strength.

Why use the S3 brush from Nature Collection?

This brush will keep the hair shiny, but its main function is to prevent natural debris from accumulating in the coat. A brush like this, with its long and short bristles, will keep the hair clean and polished at all times, as it allows deep and superficial drag at the same time. It is one of the most recommended brushes in horse care, and can even help keep hooves neater.

When should a horse be brushed?

A horse must be brushed daily, and especially at the end of the day, before it returns to the stable, to remove sweat and dirt. Mainly, if he is in contact with the earth or the mud. The horse's reaction must be monitored at all times: to the extent that it is brushed, it must be observed whether the force used is adequate.

The horse brush should always be of good quality, such as the Artero S3 Nature Collection. And it is that the hygiene of the equine should not be put at risk, because their health will also depend on it. This brush's two-size bristles help to clean both the surface and deep, so your horse looks and really is healthy and shiny.

Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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