A light fragrance to sweeten your horse.
Artero Essence Perfume is a very practical cosmetic element to enhance the clean and neat appearance of the horse. The work that equines do daily puts them in contact with all kinds of odors; That is why Artero has designed a perfume for horses that gives them a soft aroma without, therefore, being intrusive to the animal or affecting its sense of smell.
INSTRUCTIONS: Spray the perfume over the coat, avoiding contact with the face.

Artero perfume for horses reduces odors caused by sweat, dirt and plants adhering to the skin. In addition, this product has a positive effect on the animal, relaxing and calming it with soft and delicate aromas.

Buying horse perfume is a great idea not only for riding or show equines, but also to mitigate odors that can be concentrated in the stables of working animals. But not only that: it is a suitable product to maintain correct horse hygiene, since it moisturizes and hydrates. Its components do not generate any type of skin irritation, and make it an ideal perfume for animals of all breeds and ages.

The continuous use of Artero perfume for horses is ideal for the horse to present a healthy and neat appearance. In addition, Artero Essence Perfume is characterized by:

-Neutralize odors and molecules that cause annoying odors that attract flies and make the horse uncomfortable.
-Helps the equine to stay clean and its coat to have shine, softness and vitality.
-Contains alcohol in small quantities.
-It comes in a 250 ml format, very easy to transport wherever the animal moves.

Mode of use.

Artero Essence Perfume is an easy product to apply. However, it is important to administer it correctly to obtain optimal results:

-Shake before use for a better distribution of the perfume.
-Carry out the horse's usual bath first, in order to achieve a more concentrated and clean result.
-Apply the product on the horse's body, trying not to get it on sensitive areas such as the face.
-It should be applied at least at a distance of about 3 centimeters from the animal's skin.
-It is a product for external use only.

Using it in this way, the horse will feel fresher and more comfortable. Likewise, it is an element that provides nutritious components to its fur, and has a long-lasting effect that lasts with an enveloping aroma.

-Store away from intense heat sources or light sources that may affect the content and alter its properties.
-Wash your hands before and after using the product.
-Keep out of the reach of children, who could try to swallow the product.

Artero's horse perfume will significantly improve the animal's quality of life. And it is that it is designed with components and aromas that do not alter in any way the health or the olfactory perception of the horse.

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