1 Baby Shampoo 250ml. 
1 Speed Dry Shampoo 300ml. 
1 Flash Nutritive Shine Conditioner 300ml. 

Baby Shampoo 250ml. 
Specifically designed for puppies - Ideal for all breeds. 
Very light formula so it is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.
The very gentle nature of this shampoo (vegetable tensoactive based agents) means that it cleans delicately without drying or irritating the skin or hair, leaving the coat shiny and full of vitality.
Speed Dry Shampoo 300ml. 
Artero Speed is a professional grooming dry shampoo recommended for use between baths or when pet can't get wet. Great for extra volume for floppy coats. 
This special shampoo recommended for use between baths or when the animal is unable to come into contact with water. 
Fast and easy to use. 
The components of this formula absorbs excess oil and eliminates dirt and bad odours, leaving it soft, clean, and smelling fresh instantly. Just simply spray into the coat, the brush all of the dirt and oil right out! 
This products is great for in the Grooming Salon for adding extra volume to floppy coats, such as poorly coated Poodles, Bichons, or on Westie heads and drop coated breed getting pet trims. Will save time and frustration when trying to get the perfect finish! 

Flash Nutritive Shine Conditioner 300ml. 
It gives extraordinary shine and silky results to all coats. 
The careful selection of its components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect which allows it's use as a softener on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling and helps brushing. 
Makes for a fantastic fluffing spray when drying after a bath. A light spray over sections as you brush will give the coat a beautiful shine and fragrance that will last for weeks! 
Perfect for a shiny finish right before they get picked up from the grooming salon, before they go into a show ring, or even when you're expecting company at home! 

Barcode # 8435037192084
Brand Artero
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg

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