Metal comb with galvanized coating. Prevents rust and favors the sliding of the teeth in the hair.
66 wide tapered and 34 narrow tapered bristles that draw an arc eliminating the corner to access sensitive areas such as the face without risk of injury.

FEATURES: Round teeth. Green Chrome.

USE: For lifting and fluffing up the coat. Ideal for faces.

TYPE OF COAT: Medium and long; medium or fine.

FOR: Dogs and cats.

SIZE: 9'' x 1.3''


- Corner-less comb for combing areas of the face close to the eyes, lips and ears with no risk of injury

 - 1/3 of the comb to access sensitive areas and 2/3 of the comb with spaced teeth for fast combing less complicated areas.

 - Specific conical teeth to open the coat, stretching it and adding volume.

 - Galvanized coating to avoid rust and to improve the sliding of the teeth on the hair.

 - Recyclable cardboard packaging

Barcode # 8435037104506
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg