CHARACTERISTICS: 3 cm bristles.
USE: To remove dirt in depth.
COAT TYPE: Short and long hair.

This brush with a bamboo format and hard bristles for horses, 3 cm in length, will keep the coat shiny and healthy. This is one of the most important aspects not only in the appearance of equines, but also in their care: brushing, as part of their hygiene, helps to remove dirt and dust.


A type of bristle that penetrates all layers of hair, moving them. The 3 cm length of the bristles will brush against the horse's skin, producing a gentle massage. This will stimulate the equine's blood circulation while brushing, promoting healthy hair growth and shine.
The Artero brush for horses has a bamboo body, an eco-friendly material. In addition, it has a top strap that allows for a good grip when moving it over the animal.
The hard bristles result in energetic but gentle movements. Brushing exercise is one of the most common ways to establish a bond with the horse, and helps maintain the vitality of the coat color, whether it is a solid color or has various shades.

Hold the brush and slide it over the horse's coat, always in the direction of hair growth. Start with the neck, so that as brushing is done, the extracted dirt falls in the areas that haven't been brushed yet. A long and dynamic movement is more effective, as more areas are brushed uniformly.
Brush the areas with more muscle on the animal several times. Dirt usually adheres to these spaces. The hard bristles penetrate and extract dirt, and even possible small insects that get stuck in the hair.
To remove mud, the area should also be brushed several times, especially when it comes to the legs.
Make sure your hand is between the bamboo body and the strap. This is the proper way to hold the brush and optimize brushing time without interruptions

Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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