The balm for all hoof types.
Artero's Stiletto horse hoof balm is of high quality. A good product of this type meets the climatic requirements throughout the year: in hot seasons it offers very beneficial moisturizing properties, and, during winter, it provides a protective layer. In addition, the extremities will always maintain adequate ventilation.

EFFECT: Special balm for horse’s hooves. Ensures hydration and healthy growth of the hoof. Daily application strengthens the horse’s hoof and promotes its natural development.
USE: For all hoof types. Ideal for cracked or dry hooves, to moisturise them. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Castor oil.
Instructions: Apply to the hoof with a brush.

A quality horse balm maintains the health of their hooves, making it easier for them to move with their stride. In this way, the animal will be able to display its trot or gallop with energy at any time of the year. For this, the Artero Stiletto balm has the following characteristics:

- Provides great hydration, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients.
-Rebuilds cracked hooves. Its restorative capacity achieves that the cracks are minimized.
-Helps natural development. The growth of the hoof in time will take place without problems.
-It is presented in a comfortable format. In a 1000 ml container that is easy to apply and in a sober green color.

The climatic adaptation that produces this balm is fundamental. It must be taken into account that, both in summer and winter, the fat on the hooves works as protection against fungi from humidity or dryness caused by heat. Hydration also allows hooves to be more flexible, so they don't break when you step on them. The oil in the hooves also promotes healthy hoof growth.

Mode of use.

The use of this product translates into a feeling of well-being for the animal. However, a proper and proportionate application of this balm for horses must be carried out; the protection of all angles of the helmet depends on it. The correct way to apply Artero Stiletto is as follows:

-Clean the helmets beforehand. Remove any type of dirt or residue of earth or mud.
-Use a brush to apply the balm. This will allow it to be spread evenly.
-Start the application on the heel, and gradually spread it along the frog. Go through the sole until you reach the edges.

Using this balm for hooves daily, after each cleaning, will favor the strength of the hooves. Finally, it is important to pass a dry towel that absorbs possible moisture from the outside; otherwise, it can lead to long-term infections.


This Artero horse hoof balm incorporates an essential component for its antibacterial and moisturizing capacity: castor oil. Its fat promotes three basic and unavoidable aspects in horse care:

-Nutrition, so that the hooves can grow without complications.
-Protection against weather attacks.
-Stamina to quickly withstand or heal any type of damage.

Artero's horse hoof balm contains the ideal components for the animal. It is a balm that hydrates even the deepest layers of the hoof, giving it a more natural shine even after being completely absorbed. The good restoration of the hoof can only be achieved with a balm that provides quality hydration.

Shipping Weight 1.5000kg

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