CHARACTERISTICS: 3 cm smooth bristles.
USE: To remove superficial dust and give shine.
COAT TYPE: Short hair.

The cleanliness and hygiene of horses are essential, and for this purpose, this bamboo brush with soft 3 cm bristles for horses is a must-have. It is used to remove dust and hair residues. It is usually used after brushing with hard bristles, as the latter leaves residues after penetrating the deeper layers of the coat. The soft bristles not only sweep and remove the residues but also provide a pleasant massage to the horse.


This brush has soft bristles that provide a pleasant sensation to horses, helping us to comfortably remove superficial dust and give them shine.
Bristles are 3 cm in length and penetrate the visible layers of hair, expelling superficial elements. This leaves the horse's coat loose and shiny.
Bamboo body: A biodegradable natural material that fits comfortably in the hand for precise movements. It brushes and massages at the same time.
Grip strap: Helps keep the hand secure while brushing at all times.

This brush is suitable for removing grease and producing a polished effect on the coat.


The S1 brush with soft bristles should be used after deep brushing, such as with the S2 and S3 brushes. The most effective way to use it is as follows:

Hold the brush so that the hand is surrounded by the grip strap. The firmness it provides will help to make the movement more balanced.
Always brush in the direction of the hair. The goal is to remove any dirt from the coat. Only then will the coat have a uniform appearance.
The movement will always be made by sliding the bristles of the brush, and always in the direction of the hair growth

Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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